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Casablanca, Morocco

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Atlas skateboards is a Moroccan business owned and run by skateboarders. In fact, we've been skating for so long that there's a good chance we've been skating since before you were born.

We launched the company with one goal in mind : to give something back to the community. Over the years, through the passion of skateboarding, we've been sharing joy and pain, ups and downs, but above all, friendships were built and a new family was born.

Of course, when it came to the boards' quality, we had no choice but to offer the ultimate best. The search of the best product was an extensive process that took us quite a long time before we were able to select our manufacturing partner. Now, we feel that the company we chose satisfied us beyond our expectations.



  2. Khabbar Houcine
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  4. Yassine Jalal