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Atom Art is an independent animation studio based in Riga, Latvia. During the last years Atom Art has premiered six award winning short films that travel festivals around the world. Currently, Atom Art develops several animation shorts and an animated TV series for pre-school age children.

Besides animated films the studio also collaborates with all different partners to provide videos, designed titles, animated sequences, opening sequences a.o. creative material, for documentaries, feature films, TV shows, etc

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  2. Film Club Productions
  4. Boris Labbé
  5. Joni Männistö
  6. Chintis Lundgren
  7. Liis Viira
  8. Patrick Lapierre
  9. Luigi Allemano
  10. stuart hilton
  11. Péter Vácz
  13. Natalia Chernysheva
  14. Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand
  15. geogrif
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