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I am an animator/filmmaker who started out as a volunteer video editor in youth ministry for my local church Hillsong. After many years of volunteering and producing hundreds of videos ranging from parody's of TV shows and church announcements I got my first paid job doing what I loved : video editing for my church full time!

I soon went on to edit videos for Hillsong, helping cut albums, produce motion graphics and create a body of work which I grew fond of and worked with some amazing people who helped me in my craft.

Alas the journey at Hillsong was only a season and I have since moved onto to other things.

I am currently the Multimedia Consultant for Westpac Group and a freelance motion designer/animator/director/writer.

In early 2012 I created an animation called "Road rage" as an experiment to keep my creative juices flowing. I posted it at midnight and awoke to find the film on the front page of Vimeo as a staff pick! I was gob smacked. It has since then been featured on the Reel, Short of the week, Laughing Squid, the Atlantic and has racked up almost 360,000 views on Vimeo and Youtube combined.

I recently completed a short "Don't look!" with a my long time collaborator Josh Nickel which was also graciously picked as a vimeo staff pick and has since been viewed almost 150,000 times on Vimeo and Youtube combined.

I love making creative stuff and i hope I get to do it for a tonne more years to come.



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