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  1. 2014 New Faculty Seminar

    3 videos

    Seasoned faculty members offer advice to new faculty on surviving culture shock, time management, mentoring, tenure and promotion, teaching and research, writing, relations with the church, claiming institutional voice, and building community.

  2. Luke Timothy Johnson (ECFFM)

    8 videos

    At a gathering of participants in the Economic Challenges Facing Future Ministers project in April 2014, Luke Timothy Johnson presented "Theological Reflections on Financing Theological Education." His theological framework includes 10 assertions about possessions, faith, and the faithful use…

  3. The Changing Religious Landscape of North America (ATS and Pew)

    2 videos

    Join Dan Aleshire, executive director of ATS, as he talks with Luis Lugo, director of the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, about the changing religious landscape of North America and the implications for theological education.

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