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Through the 'On the Road' series, AT&T and Wayfinder.TV have partnered to identify highly creative and media savvy young creators - filmmakers, video journalists, and more - to give them an early career break through the chance to work as a key production professional and be a part of exciting productions featuring high-profile subjects.

We recently produced a multiplatform documentary called 'On the Road with blink-182' ( And in May 2012, we will be producing an original skate video with pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod), as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary of the production.

Tune in here to catch up on the blink-182 videos or to check out the P-Rod videos and more coming from AT&T 'On the Road' productions. You can also follow us on Twitter @wayfindertv.

Thanks for checking us out.