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I like to watch things.
I like to listen and I like to see.
I like to memorize what my thirsty eyes drink in,
and I love to capture these with my little misfit camera.
I like to collect things that I spied, and hide them in my heart for a dry day.
On such a day, I do so love to pull them out and revive these precious little gems and paint stories for the characters in these small souvenirs.
I suppose....I collect memories that are not always my own.
p.s. and I'll admit I am known to be seen biting holes in my mail or grocery bags to film through...


  1. Meadow Spring Church
  2. Ori Alboher
  3. eric becker
  4. Antje Taiga
  5. Caleb
  6. Wesley Kirk

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  1. Sicky @ home, and LOVING that I can catch up on missed church services here. I