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  1. iPhone Apps

    by Robin van Doorn joined

    277 Videos 181 Members

  2. CreativeApplications.Net

    by CreativeApplications.Net joined

    5,354 Videos 4,152 Members

    Art + Science + Techniology OSX, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Web Apps, Flash, Physical Interfaces, Max MSP development, Processing, openFrameworks, etc Please join + add screencasts of apps+projects…


    by Nikolai Pigarev joined

    4,698 Videos 1,442 Members

    Am a big fan of trailer and promos. At first that was meant to be a place just for our work but bugger that. Any one is welcome!

  4. Christian Resources

    by Andrew Thomspson joined

    38 Videos 9 Members

    Interesting videos that inform on Christian life and doctrine.

  5. Lebanon Christian Church

    by John Borcherding joined

    227 Videos 2 Members


  6. Media Ministry

    by Delack Media Group joined

    2,356 Videos 589 Members

    Devoted to sharing artistic videos created for your church's media ministry department. A place for members of media ministry to share their artistic work and discuss tips/tricks for production. Become…

  7. Creative Technology

    by Pablo Marques joined

    4,034 Videos 1,288 Members

    Aggregating work that demonstrates the creative potential in the use of technology.

  8. Social Media and Startups

    by Esteban Contreras joined

    66 Videos 20 Members

    Videos about social media, social networks, cool tech startups, and the future of the web.

  9. Christian Filmmakers

    by Daniel Morrison joined

    3,150 Videos 835 Members

    Christian Filmmakers from all over collaborate, share ideas, group think tank scripts and make Christian film making happen. Join the fray, glorify God and be spent!

  10. The Best Christian Media on Vimeo

    by Everett Bowes joined

    4,320 Videos 1,738 Members

    *** NOTE*** as of December, 2013 this group is now open to all submissions. There is no longer a review process. This is a place for community. A network of artists, storytellers, filmmakers.…

  11. Christian Media

    by praisejam.tv joined

    5,292 Videos 2,366 Members

    A beautiful group of people that love God and make beautiful things for Him.

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