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Specialists in all Audio Mastering and eMastering services. From Dance and Electronic to Pop, Hip-Hop Jazz, Folk & Rock, we have your music mastering needs covered. In a competitive world, we aim to provide affordable mastering with a relatively fast turnaround, using some of best processing available. Our user integrated website makes it easy for you to do everything as streamlined as possible and if you want to try us out, we will happily prepare you a free trial sample so that you can rest assured in our industry proven quality. With over 15 years of experience in the business, we have gained many high profile & respectable clients and are always here to offer our dedicated support and advice. Our sympathetic approach aims to fulfill your professional requirements, while primarily keeping the essence of your musical creations in mind. Although we try to maintain some level of natural dynamics, we can compete with the loudness wars of current volume levels if you wish…

Since we offer efficient online mastering services, our prices and rates reflect our very fair and passionate attitude. We do it because we love it and your satisfaction is what is most important. Your masterpieces deserve that extra magic and attention, and we understand what your tracks need to compete in today’s saturated music marketplace. Don’t just take our word for it - Listen to our samples below and hear for yourself… The right Mastering can make all the difference…

Please watch our informative premastering video to ensure that you get the absolute best from your productions. Good preparation is the key to excellence. We also have some valuable tips and information in our FAQ section.

Please go to our Website for further details and information: zeitgeistmastering.com

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