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Music can make people happy or sad, it can relax or energize people, it can cause people to cry and make people dance all night long. Music is a wonderful and powerful thing.

Audio Texture is a small, dynamic, music obsessed company focusing on the musical road less travelled. We love music even more than chocolate and we constantly research, listen to and painstakingly collate what we consider to be the best music in the world.

With all this expertise we then help people and organizations harness the power of music by offering inspired yet suitable musical advice and solutions, within budget and delivered on time for a range of creative and business purposes from in-store music and movie soundtracks to brand promotion and just plain old entertainment. Once a project is implemented we carefully monitor and manage the solution to ensure it’s continued relevance and effectiveness.

After we finish work we go home and listen to music to relax, visit small independent record stores to buy even more music, DJ at parties and go to concerts. We like music.

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