N_DREW (aka Andrew Bucksbarg

Brooklyn, New York

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N_DREW is an artist/designer, video-maker, experimental interaction designer and audio-visual performer who has presented in museums, galleries and festivals and published work both in the USA and internationally.

N_DREW's work and interests reverberate in a space of art/design/technology and interspecies social-environmental theory and practice. Recent projects investigate performance improvisation and performance installation using custom hand-held, mobile micro-instruments and audio-visual devices from a sonological perspective of visual art, as well objects and installations using recycled plastics.
N_DREW creates audio-visual performances and interactive works, exploring organic and abstract forms, live A/V processes and participatory technoculture, enthralling audiences or participants with images, beats, ambient/noisy sounds and pixilated atmospheres.

From the ephemeral performance, to the space-time of scent or the wearable, N_DREW concerns himself with techniques, technologies and systems that support tactics of interspecies social-environmental responsive creativity, awareness and exchange.

He is currently thinking about freedom, consciousness and the post human.

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