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Audri Phillips is a visual poet/3d animator/visualist based out of Los Angeles. Starting out as a painter she was quickly drawn to time based art. Always interested in using new tools she has been a pioneer of using computer animation/art in experimental film work including VR and immersive performances. She enjoys creating animations and paintings for single screen, multi screen, VR, domes, immersive environments, dance performances, performance spoken word (VJ Style), stereo projection and print. Her VR piece, "Migrations" was curated into the Samsung Indie Gear Milk channel.
Her most recent Full Dome Show was Relentless Universe performed at the Vortex immersion Dome, downtown Los Angeles.
Most recently she performed an immersive show of her visuals with the well known composer/musician Steve Roach at a concert in the Vortex dome produced by Vortex Immersion and The Art of Sound. Other recent immersive dome shows include “Migrations” in which she collaborated with composer No'a Winter Lazerus and Blue Apple in which she collaborated with Stefan Wenta, choreographer.
Her work has been shown at such places as; The Young Projects Gallery, The Los Angeles Film Forum at the Egyptian Theater, Currents Festival, Jenna Fulldome festival in Germany, Imersa Summit,Siggraph Animation Festival, Full Dome Festival, Siggraph Video Review, Not Still Art Film Festival, with the Louise Reichlin Dance company and others. Besides numerous galleries her paintings have been shown in Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” video, The Beastie Boys, “Shadrach”(which she also art directed) and “Whatsupwitu” an Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson animated video(which she also art directed), and Konchalosky’s “Shy People”.
Audri has worked for over 20 years as an artist/digital artist in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Besides giving her credits on numerous feature films working in the entertainment industry has given her a knowledge of computer animation/visual effects that she has been able to use to advantage in her visual poetry work. She has worked at such major studios as Disney Feature Animation, Sony Imageworks, DreamWorks Feature Animation, Rhythm and Hues, Digital Domain, and Electronic Arts as well as a number of small design boutiques. Her production experience includes cgi art direction/art direction/design/visual development /storyboards/color and lighting/efx/layout/modeling/compositing.
Currently, as well as her visual poetry work, she is a resident artist at Vortex immersion, and writes online content and a blog for Intel. Audri is an Adjunct professor at Woodbury University, a founding member of the Los Angeles Abstract Film Group, a board member of the Iota Center and she is also an exhibiting member of the LA Art Lab. In 2011 Audri became a resident artist of Vortex Immersion Media and the c3: CreateLAB.

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