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Autour de Minuit is a film production company based in Paris created in 2001 by Nicolas Schmerkin. The company aims at supporting aesthetically innovative projects, and develops original graphic worlds with a solid content. Hybridization -at the heart of the artistic approach of most of the works born in the company- gives the opportunity to explore new ideas and sensations in plastic art and intent to provide with visuals never to be seen before. The production catalogue includes short classics as Obras, Flesh, Carlitopolis, Dix and Logorama, Academy Award winner for best short animation in 2010.
Since 2004, Autour de Minuit also deals with world distribution of animations and digital works, with a catalogue of nearly 200 films.
The company is still producing shorts but also TV series (Babioles on Canal +) and is developing several feature film projects as well, including The Yark based on the book by Bertrand Santini and Alpha by Edouard Salier.

* Oscar Winner Best Short Animation 2010 with Logorama
* Cesar Winner (French Academy Award) Best Short Film 2011 with Logorama
* Procirep Award 2006 Best french producer
* More than 200 awards in festivals in total for the films produced

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