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Avatier develops software and delivers services that automate IT operations. Our identity management and access governance solutions make organizations more secure and productive in the shortest time at the lowest costs. Avatier is the only company providing solutions that adapt to the needs of the business user delivering a unified framework for business processes across operations.

Avatier is a leading identity management software featuring user provisioning, self service group management, active directory group management, access certification, IT compliance management, enterprise risk management, and active directory password reset with password policy automation. Our identity access management software includes automated help desk password reset ticketing, self-service business user administration, and a multilingual client interface. Avatier also offers identity management services and enterprise IT cyber security audit controls and solutions. Our services include Active Directory cleanup, enterprise software proof of concept, ITIL configuration management, system integration consulting, application management, decommission services, and IAM certification training.

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  • Avatier - Avatier identity management automates IT operations and corporate compliance of user provisioning, access management, corporate governance, and much more.