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With the development and popularity of social media in the last five to ten years, multimedia development and advertisement has become more and more accessible to millions of viewers with very little or almost no effort necessary. This has been great for small independent artists and filmmakers to become internationally famous overnight. However there is a down side. With so much accessibility and the ability for anyone to create entertainment for anyone and everyone to see creates a lot of clutter. This is where Avenue D steps in bringing an affordable and professional option to independent musicians and filmmakers to create product that is eye-catching, creative and entertaining. Product that will break through the clutter and speak for itself, and bring fans and followers flocking to these projects. At Avenue D, we understand that to truly create a product that the artist is proud of we have to really take the time to get to know the artist and their project. This is where most production houses fall to the wayside, they neglect the vision of the artist, they ignore the premise of why that song, film, or game was created. The absolute goal of Avenue D is to provide an affordable option for every independent musician, filmmaker, and game designer alike, with a product that they’re proud of and that represents them and their image as honest and as professional as possible.


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