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Hello I am Avikal, the person behind Avikal Photography. My Photographic journey started in Dubai, which is one of most vibrant places to live and work in the world right now. I started working as Fashion and Glamour Photographer with models and magazines, but very soon I realized that I would also love to use my skills to bring smiles on the faces of everybody. Currently I am working as Family, Couples, Maternity, Wedding and Event Photographer (apart from my Fashion Practice) and also as Street & Travel photography for my artistic pursuite. I have experience working with 100 + Nationalities and all kinds of Genres. My rates are most reasonable for the kind of quality you will be getting. I had also setup one of the best photography school in Middle East and very soon it will go international. Once again, I would love to list down the genres I shoot:

Family Portraits
Newborns & Babies
Weddings & Engagements
Family & Commercial Events
Maternity / Pregnancy
Couples & Romantic
Boudoir & Glamour
Elder Portraits

For more details visit avikal.photography

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