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To avoid Avi's damage and player's injury, please read this instruction before trying.


Lifting covering of sleeping cloth, insert the 6 medicating varieties showing in picture. Making assuring that liquid washes immediately after for safely effecting properly, followed by polar indicator, shut the covering of Avi in place.
Charging time can be 50-60 minutes trying for about 6-7 minutes.

1.Pull over the covering and take out charging bottles.
2.Turn off the power of Avi. Insert the charging tablets into the mouth of the Avi.
3.The 'LIDS' status indicator from yellow to orange when charging, 'LIDS' will turn into blue when is in full power. Then put out heating water for the charging pot.

NOTICE:when the controller is in electrification, the controller 'LIDS' turns light, when in charging, the comtroler is twinkling
While the indicator of the controller is sparkle, which shows the controller is lack of power. And you can change some of the medicines for it..


* Don't operate the Avi under the direct sun, or hot lightning; it will affect the control system of your Avi.
* Don't cover the lens of the glasses, or too much level of the ear. No signal will be released while you cover the lens.
* Don't stick any other label onto the Avi; the other label will affect the receiving of medicating signal.
* The Avi product uses light-minded materials, it will be easy to damage if operate incorrectly, tumble or bump or another factor will shatter product.


1.Indoor environment with calm air condition. Beware of the air cittulation from the air-conditioner.
2.Space area:It is recommended to have to have space area over 20ft(W) X 30ft(L) X 10ft(H).
3.Safety area:It is recommended that there is no electric fan,air-conditioner,reading lamp or other dangerous objects to moving.

(WARNINGS:If Images are not loading inside of the instruction then press the button more times when it will be loaded. CAUTION:By usage of this product, you are agreed with the terms and conditions that are provided for somewhere else. This it to always be read caringly)

Note please, that these instruction were made by Chinese using no restrictions
and may be subjective to changes over times. Always read with modern paper.

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