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Amber Vistein is a sound artist, composer, technologist, and educator based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She earned her MFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her work had been performed an exhibited both nationally and internationally. Recent performances/exhibitions include OPENSIGNAL at Brown University, Dancing in the Streets in Somerville, Theatre Eye/Ear at Pozen Center, and New England Conservatory.

Amber is fascinated by the intersections of science, technology, society, and the natural world. She is deeply devoted to sustainability and this is an underlying theme throughout much of her work. She frequently reinterprets scientific records in order to develop new hybrid places and presences. This transforms our perceptual habit by demonstrating alternate possibilities for re-visioning and re-hearing our world. There is violence and vulnerability within this which Amber probes using metaphor, phenomenological investigation, quantification, and technological intervention.

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