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Welcome to Aviva Surgical Centers. We offer state-of-the-art outpatient surgery and robotic assisted surgery centers, with top quality care teams and equipment in cities across America.

Outpatient surgery is often better for the patient. It is safer, economically advantageous, and leads to better outcomes. It’s also a better environment for care teams and surgeons.

Aviva pioneered the concept of outpatient surgical centers. We opened our first surgical center in 1984, and by 1998 had a very successful facility with many surgeons and operating rooms in our Oakland, CA location. We now have 18 centers, and hundreds of physicians — on both coasts as well as in Las Vegas.

Our centers are 100% physician owned and governed. In most facilities, profit-focused administrators make decisions that directly affect patient care and safety. At Aviva, our surgeons are in charge. Only the best surgeons are approved to join our teams.