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Social activist since way back. Current focus is on human trafficking, women's rights, and marine conservation.

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  1. avra cohen commented on SALT
    Tried ten times, but the video cuts out at 1:59 and that's as far as I can get. Look forward to Sailing a Sinking Sea at the upcoming Margaret Mead Film Festival. Congratulation on the screening.
  2. I'd like more specific info on the 'ResQPod' and Lucas device mentioned in this video.
  3. So cool! Great camera work. Love that salamander! What a wonderful wet weekend. Very proud of the result. Congratulations to everyone who made it possible. Hey, that deck needs a cabin!!!
  4. Loved the Hallelujah. True beauty is written in your character not on your body. If there is one attribute of Somaly Mam that sings out, surely it is her courage. Brave IS beautiful. Kudos on the video, hope to see you there! avra Fight Slavery Now! http: