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Currently self-employed as a freelance research engineer and recently attained SIEMENS PLCs Training Certificate.

Mechatronic Engineer with work experience in flexible packaging industry: Designed a Temperature Monitoring System on LabView for Waxing Machine for Packages Limited - Pakistan and in the past, served as Technician at Daibochi Plastic and Packaging Industry - Malaysia.

Experienced in customer service, management, marketing and office assistant as Senior International Student Ambassador of Asia Pacific University (APU) - Malaysia for about 4.5 years.

Top student Award achiever for the Best Student Project in Mechatronic Engineering 2012/2013.

Aims to work proactively for mutual growth and progress by utilizing theoretical and practical skills in a well-known organization.

Interested to work in the field of Automation, Instrumentation, Product & System Design, Research & Development, Project Management, Sales & Servicing, Marketing and Education Sector.

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