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Craig Campbell

Craig is a senior developer at Vimeo, where he has worked on all sorts of things like the player, Vimeo PRO, and the New Vimeo.

When he’s not writing code, he plays synthesizers, piano, guitar, drums, ukulele, and other things in his band Space Command. He also enjoys 1960s rock music, Woody Allen films, pizza, and Dr. Mario.

Justin Dickinson

Justin Dickinson lives in Brooklyn and designs at Vimeo. Early in life Justin was frustrated when things didn’t work the way they seemed like they should. Thus began his life as a control freak — a future in interface design was obvious.

While designing Vimeo’s mobile and connected TV apps, Justin has worked to preserve a unified Vimeo experience across platforms of all shapes, sizes, and sometimes absurd limitations. Having a background in design and development allows Justin to pretend to know what people at Vimeo who are way smarter than him are talking about.

Ryan Hefner

Ryan creates things for Vimeo. He is a core member of the Player Team and the lead designer/developer of Couch Mode, Vimeo’s TV-optimized viewing experience.

With a history in the agency world and software product development, Ryan loves bringing together design and development to create functional objects that people can build strong connections with. When he’s not trying to rid the world of bad interactions, you can find him adrift off the shores of Rockaway, patiently waiting for the next epic wave.

Jason Mooberry

Jason Mooberry is a Brooklyn-based programmer and Senior Developer at Vimeo. He has a background in web technologies, digital asset management, and community site development. Jason’s goal is to make Vimeo as fast and efficient as possible, so people can watch lots of videos and have a blast.

Before joining Vimeo, Jason worked on development projects with Marvel, The North Face, and Cornell University.

Sean Nelson

Straight from the rugged lands of Shaolin, Sean is a developer at Vimeo, where he has worked on things like the Video Inbox, Categories, Groups, and the New Vimeo.

When he’s not trying to decide between JSON or XML, he’s sneaking anchovies into any dish he can, contemplating if a game of chess really is like a sword fight, and floating around New York Harbor. He enjoys calligraphy, local history, conspiracy theories, and wordplay.

Prior to Vimeo, Sean worked on the platform used to power various ticketing and fan club websites for major music artists, including David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Beyonce, among others.

“Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter” —Deltron 3030

Jake Oliver

Raised in New Jersey, raging in New York.

Joseph Schmitt

Joseph Schmitt is a San Francisco-based developer and the Lead Mobile Engineer at Vimeo. Joe works on many of Vimeo’s most widely used interfaces, such as the HTML5 player and Vimeo Music Store.

As a product designer, he has led numerous mobile efforts and has helped bring to life Vimeo apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, Windows 8, Symbian, and Meego. With a background in design and development, Joe has a unique perspective on the ever-expanding mobile space, which pushed both disciplines to their limits.

Kevin Sweeney

Kevin is a Senior Developer at Vimeo and is at least partially responsible for the site’s recent relaunch on an HTML5 platform. Designer by education and developer by trade, he believes the role of interactive technology is to augment design and simplify user experience.

Prior to Vimeo, Kevin oversaw user experience and front-end development for large-scale websites, including and

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