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Who we are:
APBS Films is made up of two friends who found each other in a pan-dimensional forest on a kismetic trip to find their Personal Legend... Just kidding. We met while working retail. Lara Miranda (fawntwin.com) is a burgeoning filmmaker, taxidermist & artist, with ties to neo-folk music and a pulp fiction obsession. Joyce Tang is a San Francisco Bay Area burlesque producer, working purposefully to perpetuate the American folk art of striptease with neo-burlesque events (hubbahubbarevue.com) as well as producing the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender (burlesquehall.com), a fundraising event for the world's only burlesque museum in Las Vegas, NV.

What we do:
Hilarity. Satire. Parody. These are the burlesque tropes of the art form. We work together as a team to primarily introduce film as a media for burlesque personalities to permeate. A burlesque performer's statement usually begins and ends on stage, thus APBS seeks to provide further outlets for the humor to provoke our audience.

How to reach us:
Wanna exchange jokes? Message us!


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