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  1. Events & Promotional Films

    42 videos

    Events and Promotional films completed for a variety of clients

  2. Wedding Films

    60 videos

    A selection of Wedding films produced for couples on their wedding day.

  3. Real Estate Portfolio

    29 videos

    A selection of films produced for the Real Estate sector from developments to luxury homes.

  4. Nature & Mountains

    13 videos

    A mix of mountain and nature footage, clips and segments. Footage may be purchased for other productions. Copyright Aydin Productions Ltd.

  5. Food & Beverage

    8 videos

    A variety of Food & beverage videos produced by Aydin Productions Ltd.

  6. Cougar Creek 2012 - 2014

    12 videos

    Videos of Cougar Creek from 2012 - 2014.

  7. Canmore , Alberta, Canada

    33 videos

    A variety of Videos from Canmore Alberta Canada.

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