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Work Approach:

Help an environment for analyticall, creative & Innovative support for Advancement of business
with preference to professional mode
in Creative designing.
Career Advancement:

Self motivated, goal oriented, professionally committed to pursuing a long-term career in
TV Channel, Post Production and Advertising

My Strengths:

Offer a 12 year track record of rich mix of demonstrated strong analytical and problem solving skills.
Excellent record of delivering simultaneous large-scale, mission-critical projects on time and in tight budgets.

Team Player:

Rich experience for applying graphic design principles to produce innovative and tastefully created
Motion Graphics, print documents and web sites.
Creates an environment for idea-incubation, captures opportunities for Innovation and exceeds excellence in performance. Builds image and visibility of an
Organization and Competence to work under tight deadlines
Areas of Specialty;
Software skill
-Maxon Cinma 4d used in logo animation, Dynamics and channel idents,
-After effect for composting and motion graphics
-Illustrator and MX Free hand
-Photo Shop
-Real Flow [Basic]
-Syntheye [Motion Tracking[Basic]
a) Theme visualization, b) Typography, c) Art Direction, d) Motion Graphics, e) Visual effects
A creative graphic designer by nature, I have been exploring my abilities & strengths by using
various mediums & tools ranging from still graphics, communication design,
Fine Arts, sketching, Painting to motion graphics, 3d environment & text manipulation,

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