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Born in Paris in 1984, Azzedine Jamal grew up as a Frenchman deeply affected by his father’s Kurdish roots, who came from Iraq in 1967. After spending his first 7 years in Paris’ 10th arrondissement, his parents, his six brothers and sisters and him moved to the northern suburbs of the city. That’s where he was found to be a really talented pupil, with a passion for reading, getting his hand on each book he could; with a special interest for science and, soon, for computers. His surroundings were surprised to see him taking out of service computers and take them to pieces, just to see how it works. As young as 12 years old, he already had learned how to code MS Dos apps… Meanwhile, he’s doing his debut in photography by shooting his friends with his first camera, a Nikon. At 10 years old, his tech teacher noticed Azzedine growing talent, and decided to encourage him by teaching him her former job: graphic advertiser after his middle school classes. Azzedine had found his vocation, backed-up by his precocious gift. Being ahead on the traditional French curriculum, he decides to take the Baccalauréat exam (Grade 12) as an external candidate, which he gets at the age of 15. He then immediately enrolls in two schools that will help him to develop his strength: ITECOM ArtDesign, for game design in Paris, and the Visual Communication School, for web design. These diplomas allow him to sharpen his technical and graphical skills as well as adding up the knowledge of developing economical activities, for him and his (soon to be) clients. At the same time, Azzedine starts to work. At 15, he designs apps for the Transat Informatique Company, a French company, leader on the press management software market. His boss, Jean-Luc Courty, who immediately saw Azzedin’s creative potential, remains today a model and an example for him. Being an engineer himself, who successfully created his business, he’s foreseeing a similar future for Azzedine.

At that time, Azzedine also did give free rein to his passion for music, and has been hired as a DJ by nightclubs in Paris, which helps him to fund his studies. As a self-learner, with soft basis in music theory, he learns to play piano by discovering Philip Glass’ work. In Mucip, his first love, who understood music better than French, which he did not master at that time, he was playing tirelessly his emblematic song: Morning Passages. In 2008, Azzedine’s professional career took off, when he created a company named after him: Azzedine Jamal LLC. He quickly becomes a worldwide reference of the e-commerce, and the French government hires him for a consulting mission in the framework of the Hadopi law creation. These successes drew his firsts US customers, where Azzedine decides to go for a big contract in 2010. Soon after he arrived, his adventure had been pulled aside a year: as he was driving from Miami to New York on Interstate 95, his motorbike has been crashed into by an unseen car at the speed of 85 mph. The shock violently sent him hurtling to the ground. He is suffering of a hematoma of the dura mater, and will be in a coma during 9 months. He got out of this experience thinking of it as a second birth, which does not refrain him from his passion for road trips, by motorbike or car; in the USA or in Middle East, the road being a symbol of liberty to him.

When he woke up, he went back for business in the USA, which will be his HQ from now on. In Miami and Los Angeles, he gives his everything. In the numeric, of course, he multiplies the number of clients. Henceforth authorized developer for Apple, Android and Blackberry, he is now a renowned and wanted actor of the numeric world, that is for the e-business or entertainment or both (apps, dating websites, adult services, etc.). His company is known for both its technological excellence, marketing successes and design quality. His main goal: to anticipate future numerical needs, and offer the best solution before anybody else. Even if his professional success shows that he is obsessed by the profitability of every shown pixel, Azzedine never gives up on his artistic ambitions. Photo and video are still part of his life, as he is always carrying his camera, shooting and capturing pictures tirelessly. By this elected mode of expression, he knows how to talk about himself, his vision of the world, but also convincing potential costumer that pictures can have a strong commercial impact, without being cliché. One of his picture on the ecological waste of energy in Africa has been awarded by Al Gore’s NGO. His short movie Syndrome Marilyn has been nominated at the Palo Alto International Festival. In Paris and Los Angeles, where he often is, he also is the communication director of the actor Saïd Taghmaoui, and becomes the artistic director of the West Hollywood night-clubs. Being confident in his body (his most shot model is himself), Azzedine shows his individuality without taboo by having a beard tattooed on his face. That was not the first drop of ink in his skin, as a fan of Julius Cesar and the Roman antiquity, he chose two Latin quotes (re-designed by himself) for his forearms: «Vae Victis» («Misfortune to the vanquished») and «Vade Mecum» («Come with me»). He inked his skin with the values his commitment is based on: loyalty, strength and pride. Azzedine is a multi-country man, or rather multi-cities. Paris, first of all, that welcomed him in this world. Miami, which gave him his first contact with the terrific US numeric market. Los Angeles, metropolis where he discovered the alliance without complexes of art and business, far away from Europe’s sluggishness, and where he is in touch directly with the Silicon Valley. Istanbul, where his heart is, artistic and human inspiration source and his camera’s favorite land of exploration. And Doha, Qatar’s capital city, island of openness and modernism in a mutating Arabic world.

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