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The Ribcage is a modification that's available for the popular GoPro Hero3/3+ and Hero4 camera lines. Once installed it allows the camera to accept M12(S-Mount), CS-Mount and C-Mount lenses as well as virtually any other lens with optional C-Mount adapters. Using 'superfisheye' lenses up to 280 degrees fully immersive 360VR videos can be generated with far fewer cameras.

Completing the mod allows you to attach vintage Bolex and D-Mount lenses, popular SLR lenses such as Canon, Nikon and Pentax and extremely high end new C-Mount lenses for a very reasonable price. In addition to the infinite selection of lenses the camera can be directly attached to telescopes, microscopes and all kinds of scientific and medical imaging equipment. The premium aluminum construction is excellent at dissipating heat making it perfect for multi-camera setups and VR.

A variation of the mod for Hero4 called the Ribcage AIR is specifically designed to be light weight for use on drones and small gimbals.

The Ribcage is available as a 'do-it-yourself' mod kit, or as a fully assembled and tested camera that's ready to go!

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