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Since 2008 - Badger Store Malaysia, Uptown Damansara, Malaysia: We are a group of youth that come together and built up a team that comprises of music lover, fashion lovers and risk taker. We enjoy life to the fullest and we also love to share it with Malaysians. We are bringing to you guys the finest merchandise which hold the attitude, fun, loving and sexy act. Now we are proud to present to you: BADGER / ANTI-BEAUTY / SLICE Footwear / VOLTRA. Established in Bandung, Indonesia 1999. Badger is trendsetting the guys with graphic tees, jacket, sweatshirt and accessories that features everything from youth culture. We are a street brand with a strong graphic attitude, we grab bits and piece from the past and translate it into a fashion fast forward trend, driving fashion passion for the present. We walk, we talk, we breathe, we are driven to bring the best streetwear fashion for all. During 2010, we collaborate with Vans Malaysia. End of 2011 we bring NIKE 6.0 and Lomography in the boutique.

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