Kurt Hartwig

Milwaukee and Chicago

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Kurt Hartwig runs Bad Soviet Habits, a sometime arts collective that seeks to reach new audiences by finding and promoting new work, new artists, and unconventional spaces and projects. Through collaborations, mixed media, and varied locales, Bad Soviet Habits presents alternative approaches to production, development, and exhibition. Dedication to the idea that a strong arts community helps all its members is reflected in the commitment to assist emerging artists and the arts community as a whole, not limited to one form or genre.

Previous and current participants include: Randy Bobo, Lisa Gildehaus, Kurt Hartwig, Brian Patrick Moore, Nathan Stuber, Megan Wilkerson, Joan Williamson, Iain Court, Andy North, and Kelly Crandall.

We frequently as a fiscal sponsor to independent artists and unincorporated arts groups. Our name is guaranteed to cause you donor problems. Just sayin'.


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