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Young artist, offspring of the union of two rich cultures; the Mexican and the Puertorican. From a very young age he has accompanied his parents on frequent trips between the two countries and learned to appreciate and admire the beauty of both. When he was 10 years old his family embarked on an experience that changed his life forever. For a year he lived and sailed throughout the Caribbean with his parents and three brothers aboard his sailboat Kapsis. Here it is that awakes his love for the sea and the fascination to know the world. From then on, he has passed part of its life travelling, always with his camera in hand… Culebrita one of his favorite destinations, The Lesser Antilles, Crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to The Azores, Portugal, Spain, to the mountains of Bariloche and the beautiful waves of Punta San Carlos in Baja California…

Today he shares the fascinating beauty of our planet with us through his videos and photos.

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