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Baie Dankie Film is a production company that is characterized by the following values: human, personal and realistic.

Human because its about people.
Personal because its close to you.
Realistic because it shows things as they are.

The main goal of Baie Dankie Film is developing films
about people: how people behave and why they behave
in a certain way. In this, the story, the feeling and
thought are close to the viewer. Show it the way it
is, not how other want you to see it. It is the world
of the present, in its purest form.

Baie Dankie Film persues the mission Imagination into Action. We believe that making documentaries should not focus solely on the means of delivering film, but also pursue an essential, however often forgotten, function of film making: to make change in real life, not only on the screen.

In addition to our non-for-profit documentaries, we
produce, shoot and edit short and mid-length videos.
For more information you can contact us at