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Founded in Montreal in spring of 2008, Baillat Cardell & fils is a design firm with multiple facets, be they symmetrical, organic or extravagant, and with unlimited content, be it printed or digital, static or dynamic, minute or unhinged.
This broad taste for design is driven by Jean-Sebastien Baillat and Guillaume Cardell, the company’s co-founders. Together, they combine their desires for a sweeping, colorful, original and striking design. Their strength consists in deploying their bottomless creativity through many mediums. Amongst these, custom stationery and printed promotional items, video animation for television or the big screen, visual installations for shows or events, as well as interactive and web creations.
Even though its vision is borderless, Baillat Cardell & fils remains, as indicated by its name, a business that puts emphasis on family values. Their artisans’ approach is always one of proximity, simplicity and conviviality. No matter the magnitude of the task, the mandates are always completed with the same enthusiasm, authenticity and originality.

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