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Bait & Tackle Ad Company was founded in America’s oldest fishing port, Gloucester, Massachusetts, and for four years has produced television commercials for more small business clients than any other company of its kind in New England. The business is a hybrid advertising agency/production company whose creative ingenuity, resourcefulness, and insistence on technical excellence makes the impossible possible, and gives clients unprecedented value. With its background in both feature and documentary film, Bait & Tackle’s success in advertising lies in good story-telling.

Production Blue was founded in 2010 and is a traditional National and Regional Production Company featuring the work of our Directors and Photographers that caters to National TV and Music Video projects.

Bait & Tackle specializes in:
• Television and radio commercial concept and production
Documentary, fundraising, and recruitment film
High-def production and post

In just six years, Bait & Tackle has collected more than 50 awards for television and radio advertising for businesses ranging from the healthcare, education, and technology sectors, to small and medium retailers and service organizations. A large part of Bait & Tackle’s mission is to provide affordable advertising to the small business world as well as larger companies and non-profits, and its ability to do so is a result of internal operating systems that allow for easy scalability. Clients benefit because Bait & Tackle’s fluidity allows each project to be customized with the right personnel and scope, streamlining process and avoiding excess.

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