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Without question, Balamuc is the playground of the artists Livia Coloji, Răzvan Cornici and Ana Kun. Apart they are kind and groomed, together they are unbelievable.

Livia illustrates all day long, sometimes even in the night. She has heard of free time for the first time last week, on the tram. It was a Thursday, to be exact. You can find her on

Răzvan cuts everything he draws, like nobody's business. He collects wax for the mustache and his dogs thinks he had no sense of humor. Just have a look here

Ana like to doodle images and words whenever, whatever. Hard stuff: euphemisms, alliterations and allegories. It's difficult on everyone. More on

Physically speaking Balamuc is an atelier in Timisoara, P-ţa Libertăţii, str 9 Mai, nr 1, et 2, ap 6, 300085.