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Balão Baleia ("Whale Baloon") is a video atelier.

More than that is a "pocket-video" atelier.

What is a pocket-video?! Let´s go:

1) the name "pocket-video" was created by Balão Baleia to name all videos made by us

2) pocket-videos are "short videos for 'little persons' like children"

3) Balão Baleia is specialized in pocket-videos for kids and wedding

4) is an pocket-video that you can watch and take with you wherever you go, cause it don´t depend on any cd, dvd or pen drive

External Links

  • Balão Baleia - site do atelier Balão Baleia / Balão Baleia atelier's site
  • Store - - loja on-line (pocket-party, artigos/itens para decoração de festas)


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