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In 2009 Kansas City based Baldwin was created when, after years on the retail side of the industry, Matt Baldwin realized the only way to fill his shops with exactly what he wanted was to make it himself. After watching trends and brands move in and out of both his boutiques and the industry altogether, Matt set out to create a denim line that took jeans back to their roots, void of excess gimmicks, branding and washes. By taking classic dry selvedge denim and pairing it with modern fits, Matt laid the groundwork for what his brand has become several years later. His blend of timelessness and modernism has developed into a full collection of denim, pants, shirting, shoes and accessories.
Baldwin is Manufactured entirely in the USA by forging quality, time-tested materials and construction
methods with a modern fit and philosophy. The results are materials, colors, and collections that fit well and look good now, but will also stand the test of time.
Baldwin is a collection of basic, straightforward pieces that are easily interchangeable -able to be dressed-up or worn casually - founded on the creation of a no-frills, premium denim line-up.

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