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It has never been easier to travel around the World. If you want to create your own experience, choose your schedules, activities and destinations, then you are in the right place.

With your Bamba travel pass you can personalize your experience by selecting the countries and destinations you wish to visit and the time you spend in each destination, you can even make unlimited changes to the buses or day trips while you are traveling free of charge. Live the experience and discover Latin America with the best available public transportation, interact with the locals and also participate on our wide variety of day trips (cultural, adventure, nature, meeting the locals) and meet other like-minded travelers from all over the world.

What's Included in my Bamba Experience bus pass?

• Local Transportation: Best Available Public Transportation in safe public buses, shuttle vans, trains, boats and/or flights. (Transportation depends on the route.)
• Free Activities: Get tons of free activities to enhance your travel experience.
• Make Friends: Interact with and meet the locals as well as meeting like-minded travelers on your included activities, van transfers and in the hostels.
• Backpacker Concierge Service: Free English Speaking Assistance throughout your travels with phone calls, Skype, e-mail, Google Chat or MSN.
• Flexibility: Daily Departures in all routes with adventure activities and the benefit of making unlimited changes to your schedule. (Check-out our Bus Schedules in Latin America)
• Recommendations: Free online travel guide with recommendations on the best hostels, things to do, bars & restaurants and weather forecasts for each destination. (see example)
• Discounts: Save tons of money with many great discounts at hostels and adventure activities.

Bamba Experience offers amazing flexible travel passes and adventure trips all around the world.
Your option for Independent, Safe, & Flexible Travels!

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