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BAND is a post-production company specialized in commercials and feature films.
Located in the center of Milan in an inviting and comfortable surroundings, BAND brings together a team of talent in color grading, vfx, edit and computer graphics.
Founded and owned by Adriano Mestroni and Alberto Mantini, BAND provides the highest quality technology and workflow, products of years of research dedicated to cinematographic and advertising post-production.
Color grading is well integrated in all the work phases: Flame can start compositing of the images also before and/or during the Color Grading (reducing the waiting period).

BAND Equipment:
Final Cut and AVID for editing and conforming.
daVinci Resolve and Autodesk Flame Premium Colour Grading systems (our colorists: Adriano Mestroni and Claudio Beltrami).
Flame Premium 2015, two Flame Assist 2015 and Flare for OnLine and 2D effects. Two Nuke Studio for vfx, Editorial and Finishing (our digital artists: Alberto Mantini - Supervisor, Paola Boioli - Senior, and Alex Sanna -Junior).
3 Maya 2015 workstations + Nuke for Computer Graphics (with Mattia Bruno, Rocco Guarna and Riccardo Todaro).
All suites are able to share files thanks to the SAN storage device and this avoids to waste time during the different working steps.
Audio suite with mixing and recording area in collaboration with Disc2Disc.
Our technical / commercial producer is Andrea Bomba:

We remain at your disposal for further information/demonstration and for a better understanding of our work-flow and we are available to develop any project through our creativity and knowledge base with the most efficient use of time.

BAND srl
via del Vecchio Politecnico, 7
20121 Milano, Italy
+39 02 92875413

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