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Dane “BanDaNa” Still, a New York native captured the passion for production at a young age. Born in Buffalo, NY, BandaNa grew up in a home studio environment, where his father was creator and lead bass player for a band that traveled overseas. As a child he experienced his father recording and mixing on many occasions, and the interaction influenced him to become apart of the music world. He decided to join the band in elementary and middle school, and percussion was his instrument of choice.
For 6 years he gained influence and experience with classical music, which ultimately lead him to pursue music further. At the age of 13, Rochester, NY was now BandaNa’s new home, and that is where he began to get more interested in the production portion of music.
Throughout high school, BandaNa began to produce tracks, and in the process he would sell them and record with the local artists, to get the surrounding areas familiar with who he was. At that moment, he knew that his passion was to produce music, and he was willing to put his heart into it.
BandaNa was familiar with the physical work needed to create a nice track, and has worked on developing a unique sound using influences ranging from hip hop, EDM, rock, blues, and classical music. He was determined to further his knowledge in the field, because he knew there was so much more to learn, so he decided to follow his dreams and move to Orlando, FL to attend Full Sail University.
Full Sail University is known for providing a real-world education for entertainment, media, and art, and he was interested in getting the best education possibly. While attending Full Sail University, BandaNa created BpMuzik Production and got the opportunity to work with local artists like Jay R., Beezy Marciano, Kisean Bizness, Skip, and many more. He has production and engineer credits for Beezy Marciano’s “The One Three Project” and Jay R’s “Peep Game” mixtapes, and is currently working on an independent compilation of self produced songs featuring various artists. Keep up with BanDaNa & BpMuzik on Twitter & IG @Bandana585.

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