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I am a proud Montrealer, born and raised. My earliest ambition was to be a performer: singer, actor, dancer. Since I couldn't choose, I decided to go with whichever opportunity came first. Acting ended up choosing me first. At 16, I auditioned and was accepted into Dynamic Theater Factory, an anglophone not-for-profit organization in Montreal geared towards training youth in theatre/film acting. That's where it all started. I continued training at the Factory while I studied Cinema and Communications at Dawson College.

After completing my studies at Dawson, I travelled to Toronto where I studied in the Acting Conservatory @ YorkU, an intense training experience. I stayed in TO a year after graduating and took time off from acting to focus on something new, dance. In January 2010, I landed the lead in an independent film shooting in Montreal, and in 2011 I performed in the english premiere of the play "The Poster". Since returning to Montreal, I switched my focus to being behind the camera: I am a self taught filmmaker and photographer.

I have now relocated to Toronto once again to pursue filmmaking, photography, and dance. I began training in Krump at Simply Swagg Dance Studio in Scarborough, Toronto, as well as filming various music videos for Hip Hop and Dance. I have recently taken up Krump training in Paris, France, where I also have more up-coming video projects.

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