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A Los Angeles-based director, editor, and photographer, Matt Barber has established himself as an intuitive storyteller who is also known for his ability to find the right song for the right scene (and the right scene for the right song).

Barber’s directing credits include the NBC series Chuck, on which he has also served as an editor for five years, the award-winning film Weathered, and multiple music videos (Macintosh Braun, Kyle Andrews). He has also edited several television series (Fox’s The O.C. and Human Target), web series (Exposed for, Celebutantes for McG’s Wonderland), and feature films (Not That Funny starring Tony Hale), but his wife is still waiting for him to cut their wedding video.

Barber is currently at work on a documentary that examines the teachings of sexuality in the evangelical church. It will feature stop-motion animation from the esteemed artist Brent Johnson of Yo Gabba Gabba. Barber is also developing a feature film with writer Brian Walton.

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