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  1. Cub Studio

    Cub Studio PRO London, UK


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    We are a London based Animation & Motion Graphic studio specialising in creating Adverts, Promotional, Broadcast and Branded content. Oh, and we've won a BAFTA - but it hasn't changed us.


    CANADA Plus Barcelona


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    CANADA is an international collective of directors / production company based in Barcelona and London making commercials and music videos since 2008.

  3. Lomography

    Lomography PRO Vienna, Austria


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    Hey, there! You have stumbled upon the official Vimeo home of the Lomographic Society International. Sweet! Enjoy the collection of our favourite Lomographic films, made by the Lomografic Crew all over the world. And don't forget to visit our website, it's our pride! Have any questions?…

  4. Martin Gleerup

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