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The first meeting I was able to go to in May 2011, I asked why their Sewage Enforcement Officer hasn't filed charges on the Landlord for the illegal repairs, digging a hole right beside our mobile home and braking a sewer pipe and not informing me back in the summer of 2010 and many other issues and the reason given that they "Didn't know who the Property owner was," I started checking into things and what a twisted web. We all know who did the illegal repairs and we all knew who the landlords/managers were for many years and yes they knew who the property owner was. Why hasn't Burley been charged and held responsible for the illegal repairs that caused harm on my son and I? Forced from the property from the Burleys and Sick and Suddenly Homeless and unable to live in our mobile home and the sewer pipe never repaired, no one would help. I started recording the meetings to help shed light on many things.
I did not know and as most people that are living on contaminated land most have no idea and before the manager did the illegal repairs and dug up the contaminated ground there was no visible contamination. And I am not only fighting for justice for my son, I know of the contamination there now and there are still children living on this contamination in Kimmel township Bedford County, PA and the township knows this, and is stated in the complaint they filed 4/3/2012 and here is a link to a video that I confront them about letting others live on contamination. On July 30, 2010 I realized what was causing our strange health problems, I looked under the boards that the Landlord had placed over the hole that he dug beside our mobile home and it bubbled, we had gotten sick from the illegal repairs that the landlord and others did and they dug a hole right beside our mobile home and broke a sewer pipe and never told me and never repaired, Someone from downstream heard of my son and I being sick and had called the Cameraman from the bedford county free press
I later learn that the abandoned petroleum storage tanks on the property from the old Sunoco gas station that closed in the early 80's and were never emptied or removed and had leaked into the ground. The Sewage Enforcement Officer led me to believe he was doing an investigation, but I believe he lied and was working with the landlord, to cover his own Negligence as I believe he knew about the contamination and sewage malfunction there. When I was able to go to the Kimmel township meeting in May 2011, I asked why the SEO and had not charged the landlord yet and the reason they gave me was that "they didn't know who the property owner was" but they always knew and by law it is the responsibility of the Township and their Certified Sewage Enforcement Officer and if the SEO would had have informed me in 2007 when he was there on a complaint and told the landlord to have my mobile home removed from the lot this could have been avoided also, but no one informed me.


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