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10 fun facts about Barcode Monster:

1. He likes to think he has a movie-star face and goes wild when people say he looks like Mike Wazowski
2. Cookie Monster eats cookies, but no, Barcode Monster does not eat barcodes. He is sushi-maniac. The last time we counted, he could finish 2 dozens UNI all by himself
3. He works alone. He brings an iPod to entertain himself during breaks
4. His mother discovered his talent when she took the three-year-old Barcode Monster to grocery-shopping. He made an indecipherable sound every time the cashier lady scanned the barcode item. His mother later found out that he was racing with the barcode scanner, and the sound was the string of barcode numbers read in high speed
5. His secret of reading barcodes so accurately is that he actually reads each barcode 5 times, and picks the one that repeats the most
6. He can read Arabic numbers just like you and me. He is also fluent into Roman Numerals and "Counting rods" used in ancient China
7. To achieve the astounding speed, not only but also has to speak fast. He spills out the numbers so quickly that only a computer can catch what he says
8. His favorite movie is Monster, Inc
9. When he first demonstrated his talent at school's talent show in 2nd grade, the headmaster insisted he cheated
10. He is actually not a very bright math student. He totally flunked Calculus in high school

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