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  1. Avant-garde films

    by Anders Weberg joined

    17.1K Videos / 5,746 Members

    "Avant-garde" is a word from the French, meaning "ahead of the crowd." In contemporary English, we'd say it's on the "cutting edge." Avant-garde film makers…

  2. Experimental Video Art

    by Adrian Salinas joined

    31.2K Videos / 8,523 Members

    The best Experimental Video Art Vimeo has to offer. El mejor Video Arte Experimental que vimeo puede ofrecer.

  3. Abstract

    by Andy Galletly joined

    18.2K Videos / 5,488 Members

    A place for abstraction, experiments with form/colour/movement/time

  4. Cool Short Films

    by Fly on the Wall joined

    27K Videos / 8,539 Members

  5. Motion Graphics Group

    by Varela joined

    47.4K Videos / 12.8K Members

    Discussions, samples, tips, links, news, & pics of motiongraphics Enjoy

  6. Stop Motion & Animation!

    by Carlos Lascano joined

    31.5K Videos / 17K Members

    This is a place created by director/animator Carlos Lascano to share and discuss all about stop motion and experimental animation techniques. To see more videos and BTS stuff join Carlos Lascano…

  7. Independent Filmmakers

    by Brian Chambers Productions joined

    63.6K Videos / 18K Members

    This group is designed to showcase and promote any independent features, shorts, trailers, tests etc.

  8. Short Animation

    by Alexander Blagochevsky joined

    29.4K Videos / 9,883 Members

    All sorts of short animation.

  9. Experimental/Abstract

    by Dead Set Films joined

    24.3K Videos / 8,986 Members

    Films using experimental techniques, abstract visuals, or non-traditional elements. Out-of-the-box, antinorm, or just plan weird and creative.

  10. After Effects User

    by Emrys Roberts joined

    53.6K Videos / 16.8K Members

    I am hoping after effects users will use this space as a center for advice, tutorials, collaboration and exploration in the world of using Adobe After Effects. Adobe After Effects is one of the leading…

  11. Animation

    by Aziz Kocanaogullari joined

    72.9K Videos / 22.7K Members

  12. Experimental Filmmakers

    by Aaron Freeder joined

    60.1K Videos / 17.4K Members

    For those of you who aren't another "face" in the crowd of the millions of filmmakers out there. The group of the few. The group that exceeds the limitations that our society knows…

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