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Baron & Company has been in business for a long time - more than 25 years. But you didn't come here to learn about what we did in 1985 did you? Lets talk about now. Lets talk about what we do, why we do it, and how we can do it together.

Expertise is a funny word isn't it? It implies an expert... And I guess you could say that we're experts in certain things (we made a list on our website for all you Type-A's out there). But expertise doesn't seem to have anything to do with effort. And effort is that moment when your expertise means something.

So more than our range of marketing capabilities (still on our website) you should want to work with us because we try. And when your business just starts to ramp up, consolidate, change direction, raise capital, raise hell, slow down or double in size - you want a partner that cares about the situation like you do. It seems simple until its missing.

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