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Cretan anthropology, healing exorcisms in Sri Lanka, rare footage of Tibetan religion in Ladakh, Nambiquara Indians, Indian rituals, Japanese theme parks and rituals and Indigenous Australia.
Individuals can access many hours.
Professor André Singer says:

Barrie Machin has worked on his own pioneering super 8 and portable video and has amassed a unique and impressive body of work, which he is now making available via the internet. The films were not originally made for broadcasting but work well on computers and tablets which makes them particularly relevant for today's massive expansion in the use of such devices. His work includes a complete set of Sri Lankan rituals to be found nowhere else as far as I know...
There are also rare videos about the Nambiquara the Amerindian people written about by Claude Levi Strauss.
Professor André Singer
CEO and Creative Director, Spring Films, London.
Adjunct Research Professor of Anthropology,
USC Dornsife, Los Angeles, USA.
Vice-President, Royal Anthropological Institute, London.
He was described by Fadwa El Guindi in 2007 as ‘the earliest anthropologist to make extensive use of video’ in the book Visual Anthropology: Essential Method and Theory.
He received the American Blue Ribbon for the best film in cultural studies 1984, the prize for a film of outstanding scientific and artistic excellence at the Second International Visual Anthropology Film Festival, Parnu Estonia 1988, and the Anthropos-Omega Lifetime Achievement Award 1988 in association with the Festival dei Popoli alongside Jean Rouch, Claudine de France and Karl Heider.
The first ethnographic multimedia textbooks:

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