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Barry Graham is a Scottish writer and Zen monk based in the U.S. whose fiction encompasses crime, horror and the unclassifiable. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including THE BOOK OF MAN (an American Library Association best book of the year), THE WRONG THING (a finalist for the SPINETINGLER MAGAZINE best novel of the year in the Legend category), WHEN IT ALL COMES DOWN TO DUST (a MYSTERY PEOPLE best book of the year) and KILL YOUR SELF: LIFE AFTER EGO, a bestselling guide to Zen practice. Several of his books have been translated into French. PREMIERE called him "a white trash Buddhist monk" with "an uncompromising vision, but also full of tenderness and compassion, that makes him one of the most touching and interesting authors of his generation."

He witnessed two executions in Arizona, invited each time by the prisoner, an experience described in WHY I WATCH PEOPLE DIE.

His reportage and commentary have appeared in magazines and newspapers internationally, including HARPER'S and FLAUNT. He is currently a columnist at THE BIG CLICK.

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