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Located in the heart of London, amongst the world's largest collection of innovative architecture and engineering firms, the Bartlett School of Architecture forms part of the truly multidisciplinary Faculty of the Built Environment at University College London.

As one of the leading architecture schools in the world we attract an extraordinary variety of staff, students and visitors from around the globe, all of the highest calibre. Our tutors are at the forefront of international research and teaching, encompassing interdisciplinary collaborations and work methodologies. Our students are the most sought after in the UK and Europe, and internationally known for their outstanding drive, creativity and skill

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  2. Kazushi MIYAMOTO
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  4. Rory Keenan
  5. Tom Svilans
  6. Daniel Cotton
  7. William Bondin
  8. Felix Faire
  9. Department of Political Science
  10. UCL European Institute
  11. ScanLAB
  12. AY Architects
  13. The Building Centre
  14. Casey REAS
  15. Smout Allen
  16. Michael Hansmeyer
  17. alisa andrasek
  18. Ruairi Glynn

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