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  1. Sorry but I don't follow. Don't you think most people choose which thumbnail to use by just looking at the images? Do you really think the time stamp helps in making their decision in any meaningful way?
  2. We actually debated this quite a bit when we were working on it. At our scale, the root level URL is a highly valued commodity for our users and how they want to customize their profile page URLs. At the same time, we also didn't want the custom…
  3. Hi there, can you try updating your Flash player to the current version and using a different browser? Let us know if that helps.
  4. I'm using new design. Currently 9 thumbnails is created. After hovering mouse, it says "Click to set as default thumbnail". I think it should be changed to: "Video preview at 3:00/8:00 (30%)\nClick to set as default thumbnail". Also possibility…