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This is the Vimeo space for San Francisco based folk rock band BASECAMP.

Today's folk music isn't always about showing up with acoustic instruments to whisper lyrics into the mic. And while BASECAMP calls their music modern folk, they draw much of its inspiration from classic artists such as Dylan, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Woody Guthrie, The Doors, The Velvet Underground and Creedence Clearwater Revival. They blend this with the sound of more recent artists such as Elliot Smith, Spoon, Wilco, Jeff Buckley and Yo La Tengo.

BASECAMPs line up consists of Graham Stearns (guitar, piano) and Dominic Fasso (electric guitar), Christopher Grant Ward (vocals, guitar), as well as featured guest player Rob Mills (bass).

Ward acknowledges that lot of those artists might not be considered folk. Were not interested in limiting this genre to the way it is on iTunes. Folk can include any approach to lyrics and performance that address the shared experiences of people in a certain time and place, such as the incredible songs that were written during the Great Depression or the Vietnam War. Serious changes are happening to the people living in our country and our city of San Francisco. Theres no shortage of things to be speaking out about right now. Theres also no reason we cant tap into the folk tradition and still bring that message full-throated into the clubs at the same time.

Formation Date: April 01, 2006
Record Label: none
Label Type: Unsigned
Band Members: Dominic Fasso, Graham Stearns, Christopher Ward
City: San Francisco, CA
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Country: United States

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